As the podcast revolution takes the world by storm, millions of listeners are flocking to personal finance and investment channels to learn valuable lessons on money management and wealth accumulation. Here are the top 3 podcasts available on the internet to begin your journey to financial freedom.

So Money

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a gold mine of personal finance knowledge, introducing usually complex financial principles with an understandable, and more importantly, applicable delivery. With guests ranging from prominent billionaires to financial advisors and investors, there is no shortage of experts in the field being featured on the podcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To start equipping yourself with the skills you need to grow and manage your wealth, start listening to So Money today.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything is one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs and “financial-freedom seekers”. Hosted by Paula Pant, this channel teaches listeners not only how to effectively manage their money, but also their time and energy. These often overlooked aspects of finance play a prominent role in Afford Anything, and understand how to combine wealth management, through investing and passive income, with budgeting one’s other limited resources will lead to a bright future. On her podcast, Paula Pant interviews big names in real estate, finance, and personal development to bring her listeners clarity on actionable steps to take on the journey to success. Start maximizing your life today: Afford Anything.

Smart Passive Income

With over 33 million listeners worldwide, the value of Smart Passive Income is evident. On this podcast, Pat Flynn teaches the success-driven entrepreneurs of the world how to grow their wealth passively with side hustles, online business guides and much more. There is no better feeling than having a side job that regularly deposits money into your bank account without you having to lift a finger, and Smart Passive Income teaches viewers how to accomplish that by monetizing a talent that everyone has, or a personal “superpower” as said by Flynn. Don’t be mistaken, reaching a point where a regular flow of income comes to one passively is fantastic, but it will require an initial push, meaning an investment of time and effort to build a platform. Tune in and begin building that passive income stream today: Smart Passive Income.